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Nuts and bolts are the essential parts holding machines and structures together. If you need nuts and bolts for your industrial, commercial, building, marine, automotive, civil, manufacturing, mining or home handy man job then nuts and bolts supplier NHTB is here to help. We offer a wide range of nuts and bolts for all types of industries throughout New South Wales and Australia.

Wide spectrum of nuts

If you can think of a type of nut, we likely have it. We stock nuts, cage, captive, castle, channel, conelock, dep, disc lock, dome, flange, hex, left hand, manifold, nyloc flanged, nyloc, plate loc, root, self-clinching, shear, slotted, square, pronged tee, thin jam, weld, wheel and wing nuts.

Besides our wide selection of nuts and bolts, we also carry nut joiners and protective caps. To ensure that we only have the highest-quality nuts and bolts available, we only supply and stock from top brands, such as Hobson, James Glen, Brighton Best, Bremick, Maptco, Macsim, Holdite, Securefix, Champion, Rwfa, Inox World, and Disclock Australia.

Whether you work in the mining, automotive, manufacturing or construction industry, you’ll find what you need here. Need some help? Do you need to know what nut or bolt would fit your needs best? Call us on (02) 4968 9101 today.

We stock nuts, nylock, cone locks, jam nuts, left-hand nuts, wheel nuts, castle nuts, slotted nuts, disc-lock nuts, square nuts, shear nuts, plate nuts, tee nuts, manifold nuts, deep nuts, flange nuts, flanged nylock nuts, deep nuts, captive nuts, speed nuts, weld nuts, root nuts for the use in industrial, commercial, building, marine, automotive, civil, manufacturing and mining industries.

We stock these top brands - Hobson, Brighton Best, James Glen, Bremick, Maptco, Holdite, Macsim, Securefix, Champion, Rwfa, Disclock Australia and Inox World

Can’t see something you want? Contact us and we’ll help you out.

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